There’s an easier way to help your club raise funds.

By taking out a home loan using the FREE service of Lending Hand Finance, we’ll donate money to your local nominated club.

Supporting your club is a good idea

The Help Your Club Program allows Lending Hand Finance to invest back into your community – the same way your local club supports your community.

How does Help Your Club work?

If a club member (or non-member) contacts Lending Hand Finance and uses our FREE Mortgage Brokering services to apply for a new home loan (or refinance), and nominates their local club, we’ll pay part of our commission directly to the club one month after the home loan settles.

How Help Your Club referral program works.

* Example is based on a $250,000 home loan.

Who can participate in Help Your Club?

The best part about the Help Our Club Program is that anyone with a mortgage can get involved; a Club Member, a friend, a relative, a neighbour or your workmate.

As part of the program we don’t disclose any of your personal or financial information.

What clubs can be nominated?

We accept club nominations for any type of local community based clubs. This includes sporting, social, youth, health services etc.

Amount paid to your club based on loan amount.

How much can the Club benefit from our Help Your Club Program?

The financial benefits for your club range from $300 to $1000 for each settled home loan. The payments add-up quite quickly if multiple Club members, friends and workmates use our services.

Amount paid to your club based on loan amount.

With most Australian’s refinancing every three years, take advantage record-low interest rates and help your local club.

See the Help Your Club Program Terms & Conditions for more details

Take advantage of our bank and non-bank lending panel

Lending Hand Finance has access to hundreds lending products. Our panel of lenders range from the major banks, to credit unions and professional lending institutions.

Our panel of lenders: Adelaide Bank, AMP, ANZ, Australian Financial, Australian First Mortgage, Auswide Bank, Bank of Melbourne, BankSA, Bankwest, Bluestone, Citibank, Commonwealth Bank, Heritage Bank, Homeloans Limited, Homeside, HomeStart Finance, ING Direct, La Trobe, Liberty Financial, Macquarie, ME Bank, Mortgage Mart, NAB, Newcastle Permanent, Peoples Choice Credit Union, Pepper Home Loans, Phoenix-Circle Credit Union, PLAN Lending, Resi, St George Bank, Suncorp, The Rock Building Society and Westpac.

What products do our services cover?

Fixed Rate

A Fixed Rate home loan has less flexibility than a Standard Variable loan. Some lenders do not offer redraw for fixed rate loans and usually limit making extra repayments. The interest rate is locked for the agreed period; if interest rates do decrease, the repayments will remain the same.

Honeymoon or 6-12 Month Discount

Also called an Introductory loan, this type of loan includes a discounted rate for a period of time (normally 6-12 months).

Low Document Loan

Low Document loans are normally for self-employed or business owners who do not have their tax returns and cannot prove their income. This type of loan normally requires a letter from the accountant and a signed declaration.

Construction Loan

Construction loans are for building of a new dwelling. This is generally a Standard Variable product with the option to revert after construction.

Line of Credit

Line of Credit can be considered as a big credit card. This works on the same principles of a credit card – pay for what you use and continue making monthly repayments. The repayments are interest only.

Interest Only

Interest Only loans refer to the repayment type being interest only, as opposed to principal and interest. This may suit investors.

Split Loan

Split Loans generally include Fixed and Variable portions e.g. 50/50, 25/75 etc. A split loan provides flexibility, gives the option of making additional repayments, and helps ease the pressure of interest rate rises

100% Off Set Account

100% Off Set Accounts allow you to use any ‘excess savings/funds’ towards savings the interest charged on your home loan balance. For example, the home loan is $240,000, normally the Interest is charged on the whole amount, however by putting $20,000 into the account the interest charged is on $220,000.

Non-conforming Loan

Non-conforming loans are for borrowers that do not ‘fit into’ the traditional lenders’ guidelines. These loans do come at higher rates, however they offer another choice.

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